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Academic work

A collation of Boethius's De Institutione Musica
My Honours (first year post-graduate) research project, being a partial collation of Book I, using the manuscript held at the Alexander Turnbull Library (#130 in C. Bower's listing), the text of the Trinity College manuscript (#17), and the text and apparatus criticus of Friedlein's edition of the text. Gzipped PostScript file, ~275kb. Dates to November 1995.
Melting blades, perilous fluids
An examination of the twin motifs of the title in The Lord of the Rings and Beowulf. Contains irritating geekery. The LaTeX source files are available, as are PDF and PostScript versions.

Role-playing material


Due to the number of Hârn documents I have written, they are listed on a sub-index.


Magic as metaphor
An alternative magic system which largely dispenses with set spells and instead bases magic off the personal experiences of individual Nephilim. Also available as a PostScript file, ~87kb, and the LaTeX original.

Ars Magica

The Legacy Saga
An Ars Magica (4th edition) game set on Hârn.


Lands Lie Dreaming
A Theatrix Chronicle based roughly on Changeling : the Dreaming. This site contains player background information and additions and modifications to the Theatrix Core Rules.
A Theatrix Chronicle of dashing fantasy. Heavily under development; mostly only a few bits of setting information.

Live Action

The Play's the Thing
A game in which the characters put on a play.


All of these documents are ancient by web standards, having been written in 1994 or thereabouts. I'm not happy with them, but some people seem to find them of vague interest, so here they are.

Building guide
Provides some pointers towards writing good descriptions, with the focus on rooms.
An article outlining some of the problems of "adventuring" on MUDs, and one partial solution.
Perception in MUDs
A brief look at ways of presenting sensory information, and the advantages and problems in breaking descriptions down into component pieces.
Encouraging Role-playing
A discussion of the means by which a MUD may encourage and enhance role-playing among the players.


See a Lone Gull
This is my university, or at least part of it.

This Web Site

A History of Jamie Norrish's Web Pages
Gives a bit of the history and context of the different pages I have written and maintained. Last updated: 28 May 1998