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Lands Lie Dreaming is a role-playing campaign based loosely on some of the concepts in Changeling : the Dreaming. The player characters are changelings, Kithain (faeries) brought up in the Mundane world, and the game focuses on their quest to rescue their kidnapped friends.

This site provides player information on the game itself, on the Mundane and Faerie worlds, as the player characters know them, and also details the system being used, namely Theatrix.

The overview of the concept of the game provides an introduction and context for the following information.

See what is new at this site, or look at the Table of Contents. There is a Glossary of all unfamiliar terms used.

The Game

The same setting and game mechanics do not necessarily make two games the same in feel. The game section is concerned with giving a sense of the way the game is played, and what the desired feel and mood is.

The Setting

Lands Lie Dreaming is set in both the Mundane (Overhill) and the Faerie (Underhill) worlds. The Mundane world is that of contemporary Earth.

The Mundane world index.
The Faerie world index.
Between : Two Worlds Combined
Documents relating to changelings and other cross-world phenomena.

The System

Lands Lie Dreaming uses the Theatrix Core Rules, with all the additions and adaptions necessary to fit it to this setting. The information available from the System Index includes character templates, lists of skills, abilities and descriptors, with appropriate scales, and new resolution flowcharts. It does not include the Core Rules themselves, though there is an overview of how the system works.

Lands Lie Dreaming
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