Jamie Norrish : Writings : Hârn

There is in fact more Hârn material on this site than is listed here. I plead the excuse that what I have omitted is either old or incomplete, where it is not both. If I discover any lost gems, I will add them to this list.

Some of the material linked to below is part of the Hârn Religion Team (HRT), an initiative by several fans to produce additional information on the religious aspects of Hârn. I am no longer formally involved in the project; the documents here are my definitive versions, but may differ from those kept by the HRT.

Conceptions of Heaven : Peonian and Laranian views on the afterlife
A collection of views on the afterlife, including a composite conception drawn from elements of both religions, and a number of heretical and unorthodox positions. HRT Peoni material.
Ilviran Symbolism
An extract from Jethrem Tobal's A Mainland Heritage discussing some Ilviran symbols, their meaning and derivation. HRT Ilvir material.
A history of ideas and philosophies relating to the Shek-Pvar
A collection of different views on magic - its rules, its relation to the world and to the gods, its nature, etc. Very incomplete, though not insubstantial.
A Peonian Bishop's Diary
A number of entries taken from the diary of a priest from Shorkyne during his visit to the Peonian temple at Tashal in the Kingdom of Kaldor. HRT Peoni material.
Lest We Forget PBeM
The main page of the information relating to this play by email game I am running. The game is set roughly 2000 years before the "present day" of 720 TR, on the Lythian mainland, among the ancient Jarin. As well as an archive of the play so far there is some information on the legends of these people.
Beneath the Golden Moon PBEM
The main page of the now-ceased play by email game set in Menekod in Kanday. There is plenty of background material on Menekod and the Order of the Checkered Shield, though it is highly divergent from official material. There are also some links to miscellaneous documents which spun off from my thinking about the game - including material on various tapestries, Laranian holy fire, and Laranian weddings.
Gest of Ambrathas
A synopsis of each scene in the great Laranian poem which tells the story of St Ambrathas, with some additional material. HRT: Larani material.
The Complete Guide to the Gest of Ambrathas
An alphabetic listing of all people, places, objects and events in the Gest. HRT Larani material.
Korri Abbey
A collection of documents detailing Korri Abbey in southwestern Kanday.
Angyla : a Peonian peasant festival
A general description of a Hârnic custom, with two particular examples. HRT Peoni material.
The Adventure of St Mykkel the Pig
A Peonian peasant play, written for the Without A Doubt PBeM. Unfinished, but it has been twice performed in live action games in France, to the amusement of the players and public. HRT Peoni material.
Witch Mabel's Practical Field Guide to Magic
A collection of Hârnic rules for magic; not magic rules for HârnMaster.
Orsha the Giant and the Rescue of Peoni
A Peonian myth of the coming of winter. HRT Peoni material.
Solori and Bujoc linguistics
The framework to two barbarian languages. Includes sections on the phonemic system, phonotactics, and sample lexicons. Gzipped PostScript file, ~34kb. [Temporarily not gzipped.]
The Legacy Saga
An Ars Magica game set in Tharda.
The Death of Maermal
The myth of Maermal's death and resurrection. HRT Peoni material.