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The Legacy Saga is an Ars Magica campaign set on the island of Hârn, in the Republic of Tharda. A group of Shek-Pvar, just out of apprenticeship, are called together to found a new chantry at Gorahnu, a place the superstitious peasants call Worminghall.

Unlike most Hârn games, the Legacy Saga begins in 706 Tuzyn Reckoning, though it is expected to go well beyond 720. The rules system being used is that of Ars Magica 4th edition, but most of the social aspects of that game have been removed or modified to fit Hârn.

For those unsure of the concept, there is a brief explanation available.

A brief note on language is in order: I have largely refrained from changing the Latin terms of Ars Magica to something appropriate for Hârn, except where there already exist such terms. A glossary explains many of the terms used in the game.

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The World

Gorahnu Chantry
The index page for Gorahnu Chantry, with links to information on the buildings, characters, and surrounding area.
The Corani Tribunal
A description of the Corani Tribunal, which covers western Hârn.

Game Documents

The following files contain the text of documents which exist in the game world. There are actual versions of these documents.

The Letter of Invitation
The text and some contextual explanation of the letter sent to the masters of the player characters, inviting each of the former apprentices to join the new chantry.
The Foundation Charter
Also known as the Themeson Agreement, after the place of signing, this document lays out the agreement between Senator Horlin Sosaldas and Shenava Servalen of Rethem for the use of the lands and property of Gorahnu.
The Library Catalogue
The catalogue of the library collection at Gorahnu Chantry.
Mandates and Ordinances Governing the Enlightened Brethren of the Order of the Shekir
The laws and philosophical underpinnings of the Shek-Pvar.

Background Information

The following information provides information on aspects of Hârn useful for playing the game, but which are not descriptions of people and places.

The Enlightened Brethren of the Order of the Shekir
A description of the Order, including its organisation, philosophy and place in society.

The Legacy Saga
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