small dreams : a Changeling Chronicle

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Write-ups on player and non-player characters.
Basic information on important places.
Session summaries.
In Character Knowledge
Basic information about the campaign world that every character might reasonably know.


This website is a resource for those participating in small dreams, a Changeling: the Dreaming set in modern day London. It contains information on the people, places and events of the game's past and present. The game began in 1998, went on hiatus in 1999, came back, then went on hiatus again in 2002.

small dreams was in part inspired by Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman and Lenny Henry. Neil Gaiman has personally given his blessing (and autograph) to the chronicle.

One spinoff of the game is the Dreaming Web, an encyclopaedia on the history and nature of the Dreaming. While only parts of it have appeared in small dreams, and some of it isn't compatible with the campaign, it does reflect the thoughts and work of two of the players and the Storyteller.