Tanglestone Theatrix Chronicle


Tanglestone is a fantasy roleplaying campaign run using the Theatrix Core Rules. It is a dramatic, cinematic game, with adventure being the order of the day - that means desperate sword-fights, exploring ruined temples, chases, leaps from cliffs, sneaking about dark alleys, and boldly infiltrating noblemen's courts in disguise.

The player characters are all men and women in the service of Baron Horselord, lord of Tanglestone Castle. Their adventures will be a mixture of those undertaken in the service of the Baron, and a consequence of whatever personal shenanigans each character gets up to.

See what's new at this site. There is a Glossary explaining terms and names and a Table of Contents.

Episode One: Who Gets the Girl?


Tanglestone is set in God's Glory, a semi-feudal kingdom of lords, peasants and the occasional dark sorceror. Information on different aspects of the setting is available from the Setting Index.


Tanglestone uses the Theatrix Core Rules, with all the additions and adaptions necessary to fit it to this setting. The information available from the System Index includes character templates, lists of skills, abilities and descriptors, with appropriate scales, and new resolution flowcharts. It does not include the Core Rules themselves.

Tanglestone Theatrix Chronicle
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